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Discover Easier, Faster and Safer Bank Transfers

Have your money reach your beneficiary’s bank account in minutes? UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., has strong partnerships with over 37 banks globally. This strong network ensures that money reaches your beneficiary fast, safe and in time.

Features and Benefits

  • Send money to most countries
  • Let your beneficiary get access to money faster
  • Get the advantage of UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L.branch network to access bank transfer services close to you
  • Benefit from the security of transactions derived from our advanced technology infrastructure
  • Derive competitive exchange rates
  • Avail our dedicated customer service team that can be reached at 1 80 88 00
FLASH Remit – Make an Account Credit in Seconds

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, we have a new aged bank account credit system that transfers money to your beneficiary’s bank account in seconds. Available for sending money to select countries, we make bank transfers rapid and easier.
Security of the system is intact with high-end technology ensuring safety of transaction and customer information. An SMS alert system sends updates to you and the beneficiary once money reaches the destination account.