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Last Update : 7/23/2024 1:33:24 PM
Country Currency Name Code Bank Transfer
USD USD 0.306250
EURO EUR 0.335554
British Pound GBP 0.397865
Canada CAD 0.224445
Indian Rupees INR 0.003662

* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.

Our Products

Western Union is one of the oldest and safest money transfer services used widely across the world. Send money from any of our branches and have your beneficiary collect it from their nearest Western Union agent. Note: Bank Account Credit facility is available to more than 51 Countries.

Send Cash to your Beneficiary within Minutes
Transfer convenience – get your beneficiary collect cash the instant you send it, to address his or her needs immediately. Send money from any of our branches and collect funds from the  wide agent spread of Instant Cash across the world – 100,000 agents worldwide – which makes getting money even easier for your beneficiary.

This facility is available for all Filipino Customers. SSS/Pagibig/PhilHealth Contributions can be paid at any of our Branches