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Have Money Reach your Beneficiary Fast and Safe and in an Instant

Western Union (Send Money to any Location Fast and Safe)

Western Union is one of the oldest and safest money transfer services used widely across the world. Send money from a UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L branch and have your beneficiary collect it from their nearest Western Union agent.
Note: Bank Account Credit facility is available to more than 51 Countries.
Features and Benefits

  • Send money to be delivered as a cash payout or make a bank credit to your beneficiary’s account
  • A widely-used money transfer service
  • Service offered by a reliable name in financial services. UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L holds a history of more than a decade in the financial industry.
  • High standards of fraud-proof measures at UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L branches for safe transaction
  • Signature customer service at UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L branches

Instant Cash

Instant Cash provides a state of the art electronic Money Transfer System. Developed for the masses across the globe, instant Cash charges the lowest fees for remittances and is backed by the latest technology for reliability. The product is monitored and serviced round the clock by our dedicated customer service professionals to deliver a fast and reliable service.

Here is the Instant Cash benefits proposition:

  • Competitive charges for remittance
  • The best exchange rates
  • Service centres / agents in various countries
  • Continuous support

In addition to speedy remittances, Instant Cash will also introduce a range of other money transfer solutions to provide customers greater choice, depending on customer demand and local regulations.

  • Cash to Cash
  • Cash to Bank Account Transfer
  • Home Delivery
  • Mobile Money Transfer

Instant Cash, with its vast agent network, is well equipped to service the remittance needs of all segments of society.