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Our AML-CTF Policy
Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) Policy
UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., complies with AML and CTF policies as set by Central Bank of Kuwait and other international Institutions.

UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., is committed to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. As a responsible financial organisation offering a wide range of remittance and foreign currency exchange services to thousands of customers globally, UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L believes in contributing its share towards building a safer society.
We assist governments, regulators, international and other financial service organisations, in their endeavours to curb financial channels used by money launderers and terrorist organisations.
UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L has in place a comprehensive AML & CTF policy, which requires compliance from all stake holders. This policy is implemented to comply with the reporting requirements of Central Bank of Kuwait and other international institutions such as FATF, the United Nations (UN) and OFAC.
The procedures within the Policy comply with the AML & CTF guidelines issued by Central Bank of Kuwait for exchange companies, and industry standards as applicable at the time of developing the Policy.

Identity Verification Key to AML & CTF Compliance
Verifying identity of customers visiting our branches is the most important aspect of AML & CTF compliance. If you are availing our services, please carry the following documents while visiting our branches:
For resident individual:  Valid Civil ID
For person on travel:  Valid Travel Document

Establishment and Companies
1. Trade License
2. Ethimathoukia (Authorised Signatory Form)
3. Civil ID copy of the authorised signatory
4. Representation letter, if represented by an agent
5. Civil ID copy of the representative