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Our Business
Get Years of Reliability and Diverse Choices in Financial Services at a Single Destination

UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., is a money transfer and foreign exchange services provider registered with the Ministry of Commerce and approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait.
UAE Exchange Centre W.L.L. was established in 1986 which has carved a distinctive identity for itself in Kuwait. The company is today a leading name in financial services in the State of Kuwait, with a network of 24 branches located strategically to provide easier access to you.
You can send and receive money and exchange foreign currency at our branches. Depending on whether your requirement is personal or business, we have different options in our financial services to suit these diverse needs.
We are ardent advocates of a pro-customer business. You’ll therefore experience products and services that adhere to high quality standards. You’ll also get the assurance of fraud-free transactions following our stringent adherence to anti-fraud laws set by regulators.
UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L is currently expanding its branch network to bring financial services conveniently closer to you.