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Our Core Values
Integrity is a cardinal value of UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., as it is an essential quotient for each of us. While being ethical, one should place conduct above reproach in all respects and at all times.
Commitment is fundamental. Going the extra mile is the true measure of ‘Commitment’. Each of us has to contribute to the continual growth of UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L.,, and align ourselves to the strong commitment towards customers, partners, regulators and the society at large.
Empowerment enables us to build an attitude of constant learning and help our team mates learn too. The work atmosphere at UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., fosters innovation by encouraging people to try and experiment, and also expects each one to encourage colleagues to do the same. Each one of us has to take every opportunity to update ourselves and facilitate opportunities for colleagues to gain knowledge. Thus making the organisation agile and flexible at all times.
Care is intrinsic to every human, more so if we are a part of UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L.,. As part of our social commitment, we always have to care for the less privileged. We will walk that extra mile to stand up for the cause of customers, people and the society at large beyond requirements.