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Our Technology
Discover an Easier, Faster and a More Secure Experience in Financial Services
UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., makes financial services easier and safer to use for customers on the strength of its advanced technology.
UAE Exchange Centre Company W.L.L., is a staunch supporter of customer-supportive technology. Our use of advanced technology offers you the following benefits:

  • More innovative products and services that meet your diverse financial needs
  • More secure financial transactions
  • Simpler transaction processes

Experience the advantages of the following state-of-the-art technologies:
Instant Cash – A global instant money transfer service, Instant Cash uses high-end technology to give you the benefit of immediacy and maximum security. Continuous monitoring of processes and updating of technologies ensure that we maintain our global standards in quality.

  • Send money within seconds on the strength of our supportive technology.
  • Safeguard your transactions with highly secure networks. Our use of private servers and advanced security technology prevents unauthorised access to your confidential personal information.
  • Know what’s happening to your money with transaction trackers and money delivery alerts. Get your money to your beneficiary safe through fraud-proof beneficiary identification systems.

FLASHremit – A technologically- advanced system in bank transfers, FLASH remit credits money in beneficiary’s bank account within seconds.

  • Transfer money in seconds
  • Send money safely to a bank account through technology-backed electronic transfer
  • Be in the know about your money through SMS alert system